About Us

Ritopek Cherries d.o.o. is an industry leading company oriented toward exporting agricultural products, mainly fresh fruits from Republic of Serbia into the EU, Russia and Dubai.

Recognizing our continued efforts to improve Serbia’s agricultural export markets, we were honoured to have our fruit distribution center opened by HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II Karađorđević.



Fruit distribution center, sorting and newly built cooling facility is situated in Boleč, on Smederevo road near Belgrade. The company is located in the area of Ritopek that has long tradition of fruit growing. The proximity of motorway offers easy access to all destinations.


In a building of 1227 m2, there are storage space, newly built cold room, offices and auxiliary facilities. The cold room is constructed to the highest standard and is one of only two offering this high spec facility in the whole of Serbia. It is made by German BOCK and Italian ONDA producers.

Furthermore, our company is proud to be the first to invest in a cherry sorting machine, which sorts the cherries automatically. Our customers can now enjoy guaranteed cherry sizes and color. This is a real step forward for Serbia’s export quality into the EU, Russian and Dubai markets. Our industry leading equipment is the first of its kind in Serbia and puts Ritopek Cherries at the forefront of cherry exports for Serbia.