1. Golden Delicious

Has a bright yellow to golden skin color, sometimes with a pink tinge. It is at its best when the skin turns from green to gold. It is excellent as an eating apple, with its crisp, creamy, white flesh, which is sweet, tasty and juicy. Golden Delicious is a large, yellow skinned and very sweet to the taste. It is prone to bruising and shriveling, so it needs careful handling and storage. It is a favorite for salads or apple sauce.

2. Golden Delicious Clone Reinders

Has very smooth, slightly waxy, very low tendency to russet skin. Size range from medium to large.  Ground color is green which during ripening goes to be yellow; in comparison to other Golden clones the yellow color comes later, on the shadow side remains green, typical lenticels but with lower number than on Golden Delicious. It is suitable for cultivation in less favorable growing areas. Shape: conically and built high. Clone Reinders has yellow, firm, crisp, juicy and sweet flesh with low acidity.

3. Red Delicious

A medium to large apple with a medium sweetness and scrip white, juicy flesh. Great in salads. Red Delicious are a crimson to dark red apple, characterized by five distinct crowns on the base. It has a sweet, highly aromatic, creamy, white flesh. The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor, Reds are also great in salads.

4. Granny Smith

Green, extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile, they’re available year-round.

5. Idared

The Idared has a white flesh with a firm body, and generally considered to be tart and juicy. For these reasons, it is very well suited for making apple sauces, pies, and cakes. Idared is harvested at the end of September to the middle of October. It remains hardy and durable until the end of January, and can even last until June with proper storage. It is a pale greenish-yellow with bright red stripes and spots. Ida reds flesh is firm and has a pink tinged color. A dual-purpose apple, suitable for both fresh and processing markets. Idared is a solid bright red apple.

6. Gala

Pinkish-orange stripes over a yellow background are the signature of this crisp, aromatically-sweet, snappy apple. Galas have gained popularity among consumers in the past 15 years. Snacking and salads are primary uses. Gala harvest begins in the middle of August and lasts through early September. Galas are stocked September to May.

7. Jonagold

Jonagold is high quality apple. As its name suggests, this is a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious. Jonagold is a large apple, and makes a substantial snack. The coloring is yellow with large flushes of red. This is a crisp apple to bite into, with gleaming white flesh. The flavor is sweet but with a lot of balancing acidity, a very pleasant apple.

8. Melrose

Large flattened fruit, with dark red streaked and flushed skin over a yellowish green background with russet spots. Firm and coarse in texture, with juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor that improves after some time in storage. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it’s fruity aroma.

9. Jonathan

The Jonathan apple is a medium-sized sweet apple, with a strong touch of acid and a tough but smooth skin. Widely regarded as one of the best flavored because of its unique blending of sweet and tart. Their appearance combines light red stripes over yellow or deep red.  Flesh color is white to cream, pale yellow. Jonathan is the ideal all-purpose apple. It is an excellent choice for snacking, cooking and baking.

10. Red Jonathan

A  more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good -flavor and keeping qualities.

Bright red apples with crisp and juicy white flesh has a bold, tart but well-balanced flavor. It’s a great apple for fresh eating, freezing and cooking. The fruit ripens late in the season, mid-September to mid-October and has a great shelf life.

11. Gloster

Winter apple. Conic shape, attractive fully red fruit with calyx end shoulder bumps. Larger, mostly 70 mm in diameter. They have dark red skin. Its full bodies crisp flesh is pleasantly tart on the palate. Their green-tinted flesh is finely-textured and sweet. Tarter flavor than Golden Delicious.  They are best used as a fresh-eating apple.

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