Cherry Rakia

Finest Serbian Rakia

Premium domestic Ritopek Rakia is the result of careful selection of high-quality varieties of cherries.


On one side is passionate and strong, and from the other side is smooth and elegant.


Combining tradition with best quality cherries we come to high-quality Cherry Rakia with character.


Ritopek Cherry Rakia has its own subtle and particular taste lying just beneath the initial strong flavour.


Premium fruits of cherry come from rich fields and go by strict quality control and sorting process before it goes to the fermentation.


Cherry brandy is a rare occurrence in the regular offer of domestic brandy makers. The reason for this is a complex process of sorting quality fruits and the amount needed to get quality brandy. Cherry is also geographically limited fruit that fails to be present in all country areas, such as plum or vines.

Cherry is the fruits that are among the first to be born, right after late May frosts. Buds and beautiful flowers are the first ones to call spring. The quality of cherry is conditioned by weather conditions and quality treatment that trees get from farmer.

The distillation process is carried out within a defined period after the finished alcoholic fermentation, which may be delayed.


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