Ritopek’s new state of the art technology

13/11/2015Ritopek’s new state of the art technology

The core principle of our company is manifested through the attitude that Every product is harvested.  Every product is sorted.  And every product has value.

Sorting machine


Ritopek Cherries has invested in state of the art technology never seen in Serbia. Now at the forefront of quality and packaging, our products are  industry leading and are setting the standard for Serbian exports.


Our international customer base has welcomed our revolutionary quality assurance methods:-

“It is the first time we have seen EU standards being applied to Serbian fruits” – UK supermarket buyer

“Ritopek Cherries has moved to the top of our supply chain, following there quality assurance procedures. There machinary and investment into the industry, has guaranteed the apple and cherry sizes. There high quality packaging ensures the product is one a level playing field with our EU suppliers.” – Belgium Supermarket senior buyer

“Serbian fruits are some of the sweetest and tastiest we buy, however due to lack of investment into the countries agricultural sector our buyers have struggled with size consistency. The sorting machines that Ritopek Cherries have invested in have made them one of our preferred suppliers from the country.” – Russian supermarket chain, Moscow

“The Ritopek cherries are the best we’ve had in Dubai, high quality and amazing sweetness” – UAE distributor, food city

The investment and new working processes for the agricultural sector of Serbian were welcomed by the countries Royal Family, who in turn attended the opening ceremony of Ritopek Cherries.

“Opening your company means creating new jobs for the citizens of Serbia, and a chance for our fruit growers to find a secure market for the export of their agricultural products, in this case, cherries. I hope you will do business successfully, and that you’ll be happy that you made the decision to invest in our country, but also that your employees and associates will be satisfied with the working conditions” – HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia.


As we set this as the base of our business values, we put production on higher level by implementing apple’s sorting system.

Automatic-sorting-machine-1024x768 copy

The equipment is designed to minimize bruising risks,

increase production efficiency,

ensure size and reduce manual costs.


stari način pakovanja (2)

Compared to manual inspection, with automatic sorting machine it is possible to maintain the consistency and uniformity. This system significantly reduces the amount of human labor hours required for fresh produce sorting and significantly speeds up the sorting process. As the result low productivity is overcome. Product waste is also minimized. Previously grading standard was difficult to carry out and grading precision was instable which is not the case now.

Our packing system

Old packaging system

Old type of packaging in wooden crates are replaced with plastic boxes.



Automatic sorting equipment boosts output and availability while at the same time increase yield, provide consistent quality and food safety. Furthermore, the cost savings from this new business model is passed straight back to our customers, who enjoy a higher quality product and a low price.  Thanks to this, we are able to meet each client’s specific needs. Grading of fruits is a very important operation that improves packaging, handling and brings an overall improvement in marketing system.

Distribution centerAt Ritopek cherries, apples and cherries are handled delicately through our fruit distribution centre in Boleč, where we provide the high level of quality required by supermarkets, retailers and consumers.